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  • Plenty to do in Portland!

    It's officially starting to feel like Spring, and when you’ve got weather and time on your side it’s important to take advantage of it.  There’s plenty to do in and around Portland when it comes to the perfect date night, but what about the perfect outdoor day date?  Below are a few creative activities for those cute lovebirds who are looking to do something new.

    1. Hop on your bike or rent one and pedal your way around Portland with a guided bike tour.  Voted #2 top “10 Things to do in Portland” by Time Magazine, this is an experience you don’t want to miss!
    2. Tie up a pair of Brown Trail Walking boots by New Balance and go on a trek through Forest Park.
    3. Grab a public art walking tour map and check out a number of historic statues and stunning sculptures or take a stroll through the Pearl District and stop in the many alluring art galleries.
    4. Strap on a pair of Silver/Pink Walking shoes by New Balance and get lost in over 40 acres of tulip fields during the Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm Tulip Fest.
    5. Get wet and wild with Portland Kayak Company while navigating the waters with a guided Ross Island Tour.
    6. Go on a doggie date at a local fenced site such as Brentwood Park or run wild with your dog in a pair of Silver/Plum Running shoes by New Balance at an unfenced site such as Arbor Lodge Park.
    7. Flood your senses with the fabulous collection of flowers at the Portland Japanese Garden or sign up for the Spring Bloom Photography Class at Hoyt Arboretum and create a memorable album of the great outdoors.
    8. Slip on a pair of comfortable Mocha/Lime Suede Elise oxfords by Dansko and sip on some of the finest local wines while on a tour of the wine country.

    Turn off the TV, ignore the emails, and put your phone on silent!  Make some time to get in touch with nature and out of touch with technology.  We promise the experiences above will be beneficial to not only your individual health and wellness but that of your relationship with your significant other too.

  • How to Wear Flats in the Winter

    Flats are a sensible, yet sweet-as-pie pairing with cropped jeans, cotton capris, and sundresses during the summertime.  A classy cousin to the frumpy flip flop, flats make for a polished look no matter what the occasion. We have a great Pinterest Board that shows some great outfits:

    Winter, on the other hand, sends many flats into hibernation, stuffed in shoeboxes for safekeeping.  For who wants freezing feet when they can find shelter in a snug pair of boots?  But for you fashionistas, wearing boots everyday can become a bore; which is why it’s time you take those flats out for a spin this winter!  Check out these creative ways to wear flats while keeping those feet of yours cozy.

    1. Flats look fantastic matched with a pair of tights and tasteful skirt, the kind that stops an inch or two above the knee.  Match your bashful black flats with a pair of bold black tights for a mysterious monochrome look or play around with patterns placed discreetly on sheer tights.
    2. Feeling flirty?  Introduce your flats to a pair of trouser socks or knee socks.  Not to be confused with knee-high socks, these socks stop below the knees and paired with a skirt give an outfit a lustrous lady-like look.
    3. Get in touch with your wild side and wrap up those legs in layers for an artfully done-up look.  Mix and match a pair of trouser socks with a pair of complimentary colored tights and finish off with some foxy flats.
    4. Rumor has it that flats look not-so-fab with a long skirt, but the truth is the two go great together.  Just like wearing a pair of flats with dress pants, it’s all about the hem.  The length of a skirt or dress pants will make or break your look with flats so find a strong seamstress who knows your shape and style.

    All year round, every occasion, comfortable, cozy, and too coy to admit how cute they are, flats are the best purchase for your feet and for a girl with good taste!

  • What Portland Has to Offer

    While the rare sunny days here in Oregon come and go, us Portlanders have to take advantage of it anyway we can. Being outside and exercising is one great way we can do this. Portland is one of the greatest and most beautiful cities. However, I know I am guilty of not taking full advantage of it what the city has to offer.

    In Portland we have woods, rivers, beaches, trails, and roads to explore. According to, Hoyt Arboretum, in Washington Park, has over 12 miles of trails you can walk, and that’s only one part of Washington Park! Portland isn’t home to only one, but many different parks with hundreds of miles of trails and unforgettable scenery.

    If you aren’t trail runner than the paved waterfront loop is for you. The waterfront loop is around 3 miles long and has multiple entries between the Steele and Hawthorne bridges. Now we know that it isn’t always sunny outside and dressing for the occasion is vital to surviving the chilly Portland weather. Jackets, long sleeve thermal shirts, and a nice pair of waterproof running shoes are all a must.

    We have waterproof shoes that aren’t only nice feeling but nice looking too. After serving the greater Portland area for more than 30 years, we know by experience how important it is to have these essential waterproof pieces of clothing.

    Portland is a great city with beautiful features. Unless we get outside we won’t ever see them. has multiple hikes, and trails to feed your venturous side. So get outside and see what Portland has to offer.

  • These Boots Were Made for Walking

    Fall is upon us and has been for a while. However, it feels more like spring. With this amazing weather we are having, doesn’t it just make you want to go outside and do something? We all know it won’t last forever so let’s take advantage of what we have while it lasts. We all know how much fun it is to change our outfits and styles for the season; however living in Oregon, let’s be honest, our look usually revolves around staying warm and dry. Even though the sun is shining down on us, we have our rain jackets ready to go. The only thing much better that a beloved rain jacket in Oregon are some trusty rain shoes to go with. A lot of people have a hard time finding durable but stylish and comfortable rain shoes. But don’t give up! Keeping your feet dry, warm and comfortable should be a priority for you this season. Here at Jays Wide Shoes, we have a large variety of choices, such as  New Balance, Dansko, and Ziera. We constantly offer a new and wide selection of shoes  to keep up with the seasons and we also have a ton of choices for a variety of outdoor activities. We have running, walking shoes, comfort shoes, dress shoes, diabetic footwear, slippers and more. One happy customer even had some kind words to share.

    “The choices were daughter bought a fall pair of Dansko tennis shoes and a dressier pair of shoes, and I bought some nice walking shoes. They made me a pair of orthotics last year and the pain in my left foot and leg have disappeared!”

    — K.T.

    Our website has everything your feet could need this coming season plus more! However, if you are one of those try-on-before-you-buy shoppers then our local stores are for you.  We have two convenient locations in the Portland Metro area.  On the eastside, we are located in The Clackamas Promenade and our Beaverton location is just west on Canyon road off the 217. If you want to support local shops and fellow Oregonians, Jays Wide Shoes is the place for you. Check us out and refer your friends because you won’t be disappointed…and neither will your feet.

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