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  • Fall 2014 Catalog

    It's here! The Jay's Wide Shoes Fall 2014 Collection. Preview it here!

  • How to Wear Flats in the Winter

    Flats are a sensible, yet sweet-as-pie pairing with cropped jeans, cotton capris, and sundresses during the summertime.  A classy cousin to the frumpy flip flop, flats make for a polished look no matter what the occasion. We have a great Pinterest Board that shows some great outfits:

    Winter, on the other hand, sends many flats into hibernation, stuffed in shoeboxes for safekeeping.  For who wants freezing feet when they can find shelter in a snug pair of boots?  But for you fashionistas, wearing boots everyday can become a bore; which is why it’s time you take those flats out for a spin this winter!  Check out these creative ways to wear flats while keeping those feet of yours cozy.

    1. Flats look fantastic matched with a pair of tights and tasteful skirt, the kind that stops an inch or two above the knee.  Match your bashful black flats with a pair of bold black tights for a mysterious monochrome look or play around with patterns placed discreetly on sheer tights.
    2. Feeling flirty?  Introduce your flats to a pair of trouser socks or knee socks.  Not to be confused with knee-high socks, these socks stop below the knees and paired with a skirt give an outfit a lustrous lady-like look.
    3. Get in touch with your wild side and wrap up those legs in layers for an artfully done-up look.  Mix and match a pair of trouser socks with a pair of complimentary colored tights and finish off with some foxy flats.
    4. Rumor has it that flats look not-so-fab with a long skirt, but the truth is the two go great together.  Just like wearing a pair of flats with dress pants, it’s all about the hem.  The length of a skirt or dress pants will make or break your look with flats so find a strong seamstress who knows your shape and style.

    All year round, every occasion, comfortable, cozy, and too coy to admit how cute they are, flats are the best purchase for your feet and for a girl with good taste!

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