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  • The New Spring Catalog is Here


  • Cold Weather Shoe Trends

    ‘Tis the season to start wearing some stylish winter shoes, the ones you’ve been waiting all year to pair with those sweet sweaters and fabulous jackets you’ve been dying to make an appearance in! Check out some new toasty trends that will keep your feet from freezing and some cozy classics making a comeback!

    1. Embrace your inner princess and strut your stuff in a pair of ornate high heels because glam and glitz is a girl’s best friend this winter! Whether they’re jeweled, beaded or glittery, as long as your high heels are glamorous they are going to look great! Remember, beauty shouldn’t be painful so make sure to pay attention to how those high heels fit before purchasing them if you want to avoid aches and pains! Check out some tips here.
    1. In a previous blog we mentioned that funky and chunky heels were a hot commodity this summer. Guess what? They’re still hot despite the cold weather! So grab a pair of boots with chunky heels this winter and show off your legs while keeping your toes cozy. Check out a comfortable and cute way to wear them here with a pair of comfortable socks and warm leggings.
    1. Fun and feminine flats were a staple for stylish winter outfits last year and thankfully they still are this year! They go great with any look whether worn with a pair of tights and flirty dress on the weekend or with a beautiful business suit during the week. Check out some of our favorite pairs available at Jays Wide Shoes, the Taupe RevChi Snake by Cobb Hill and the Black Candra Gleam by Clarks. For ideas on what to wear a pair with in the winter, check out some helpful tips here.


    1. Boots and booties with buckles are all the rage this winter and we’re loving the edgy feel they give cold-weather outfits! Worn with a pair of comfortable leggings or dressed up with a nice pair of jeans, buckles go good with every outfit. Check out some of our favorite pairs available at Jays Wide Shoes, the Black Rowan by Mark Lemp and Black Clarity Wide Shaft by Mark Lemp.


    1. Ultra masculine boots and ultra feminine boots are much adored this winter. If you like mixing up your style, try an extreme makeover by wearing a pair of bad boy Black Candice boots by Dansko offered at Jays Wide Shoes one day and a pair of thigh-high boots with some girly accessories the next day!


  • Fall 2014 Footwear Trends for Women

    Autumn is in the air and just as the leaves are changing, so is the style of our shoes.  Cozy autumn days and crisp fall nights call for warmer footwear so it’s time to turn your sandals in for edgy boots, sugary shades and polished printed pumps!  Check out the below footwear trends that will have you falling in love with fall.


    1. Believe it or not, hiking boots aren’t just for trailblazing this fall.    Survival is now for the fittest and the most fashionable!  These are perfect for the on and off the trail explorer extraordinaire looking to add the perfect earthy edge to their look.
    2. Over-the-knee boots may not be right for the job but they are the reason we love autumn oh so much.  Cozy and cute, over-the-knee boots give your outfit a flirty and feminine look when worn during the day or night.
    3. Mary Janes are making a come back!  This blast from the past style is sweet and simple when paired with the perfect pair of jeans and pea coat or fun tights and a dress.  Give your outfit an old school twist by embracing your inner school girl while keeping it classy outside of class.
    4. Ankle booties are a must this autumn.  They transition great from casual to chic while remaining extra comfortable.  Find the right style and they are wearable to work too!

    Prints, Patterns, Ornaments and Colors

    1. Embrace your inner animal and get frisky with your footwear this fall!  Shimmering snakeskin and lively lizard prints are all the rage.  They’re a great touch to a tame outfit and a wild way to sass up your style.
    2. If you love the rocker chic look, great news because heavy metal is in.  Metallics, especially silver, are heating up as the weather is cooling down.  The perfect pair will give your outfit that rock and roll feel that is racy with rhythm and not so much blues.
    3. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, even when it comes to shoes.  Treat yourself like royalty this fall and strut your stuff in a pair of princess-worthy bedazzled pumps.  Flirty and fun at any age, the embellished look is one to be worshipped.
    4. Get ready for a toothache because sugary shades are super sweet this autumn!  Bubble gum pinks and mint fresh greens are delectable for footwear and give a naughty look a nice touch.

    For those of you looking to make the most out of your previous purchases, great news!  Three of the summer shoe trends are still in style this fall!

    1. Chunky high-heeled sandals are a blast from the past we still just can’t get enough of.
    2. Sassy sneakers are still a smart and stylish way to add some spunk to a pair of jeans and sweatshirt.
    3. Cute and comfortable flats…well they simply go great with anything and at any time of the year.
  • Brands We Love: New Balance

    Motivated by the desire to assist others in achieving athletic excellence, New Balance encourages others to put their best foot forward when it comes to performance, health, fashion, environmentalism and community service.  It’s no secret, we’re a huge fan.  Here are a few reasons why: Continue reading

  • Fall 2014 Catalog

    It's here! The Jay's Wide Shoes Fall 2014 Collection. Preview it here!

  • Men's Work Shoes

    When it comes to footwear for work, most people either dress to impress or dress for function.  We’re here to help you learn how to accomplish both so that your feet look good and feel good.  Different careers require different types of shoes and often times many make the mistake of not investing in the proper footwear which can lead to unnecessary aches and pains.  Below are some tips on how to put your best foot forward at your job when it comes to your health.

    • Retail/Health Care/Food Service – Choose a pair of shoes made specifically for walking that provide arch support as well as cushion.  One excellent option is the MW928BK Walking Black by New Balance which provides optimal balance and resistance to slipping.

    • Construction/Outdoor Labor - Always take into consideration features such as protection, weight and durability.  Choose work boots, such as those with strong toe and heel supports, which protect your feet from unwanted pressures and punctures.  Work boots shouldn’t weight you down.  Pick a pair that allows enough mobility to make quick movements if necessary.  Lastly, sturdy stitching is also important in that it can deter the daily wear and tear.  Depending on the environment in which you’re working, consider resistance features as well.  The Brown Rockford by Drew is the perfect choice if in need of waterproof, slip-resistant and oil-resistant work boots.

    • Office - Leather dress shoes are ideal due to the fact that they are able to be broken in and stretch to your foot’s shape.  One popular type of leather dress shoe is the leather lace-up.  These shoes are a staple when it comes to suits.  It’s a simple look that promises a stable stance.  A great choice would be the MCT410BK Burlington Black by Dunham, which offers modern features such as shock absorption and a removable EVA Footbed without compromising classic style.  Leather wingtips are a little more casual but also popular.  The Walnut Rome by Neil M comes with leather uppers which allow feet to breathe and feel cooler.

    Whether your only trip is to the office water cooler or it’s walking the length of an entire hospital numerous times in one day, the tips above are not to be ignored.  For advice on how to find the right shoe fit in the style your work requires, check out Ten Tips For Getting A Proper Shoe Fit.

  • Shoes to Wear This Summer

    Flip-flops may be functional but they’re no fun!  Summer is heating up and with it are some too hot to handle shoe trends.  So forget the summertime style blues and try out these lovely looks below!


    1. Believe it or not, Birkenstock-style sandals, such as the Grey Sansibar sandals by Finn Comfort, are back in style.  Paired with cute capris or a summery dress and shawl, they make for a great go-green, granola-friendly get up.

    2. Feeling flirty?  Wild wedges, such as the Nude Rose wedge by Wolky that pack a punch with a geometric design, are perfect for lengthening a pair of tan legs.  Whether wearing a pair of denim shorts during the day or flaunting your figure in a fitted knee-length dress at a dinner, wedges are sure to take your look to the next level.

    3. Sporty yet sweet, funky and colorful sneakers, such as the Running Grey/Green/Blue W980GY shoes by New Balance, are making a splash this summer.  Spotted on several celebrities wearing cropped jeans and even skirts, sassy sneakers are stepping out of the gym and onto the streets in style.
    4. Ankle-strap flats, such as the Greige Dimity sandal by Ziera, look darling and dainty with baby doll style dresses.  Comfortable as can be and ideal for casual walking, these are a must-have for the fun and flirty fashionista.

    5. The 1970s called and they want their chunky sandals back, but too bad because we love the look!  Have a blast from the past and boogie woogie in disco divalicious kicks, such as the Chocolate Sonnet sandals by Dansko.  A little junk in the trunk of your heel gives any outfit the right kind of retro feel.

    6. Add some glitz and glam to your get up with a pair of bedazzled sandals such as the White Prize sandals by Taos.  Fun and fashionable, glittery sandals give a basic jeans and T-shirt combo the perfect girly-girl touch.
  • High Heels - Girls Best Friend?

    High heels may feel like a girl’s best friend when it comes to dressing up, but beware; wearing an ill-fitted pair to lengthen the look of your legs comes at a price.  That often inevitable ache that causes you to kick off your heels and walk home barefoot at the end of the night, or wish you had the next morning, is not to be ignored.  Beauty is not pain.  In fact, wearing high heels that hurt your feet are bad for your health.

    Plain and simple, your feet are not designed to wear high heels.  Not only is it bad for the balls of your feet, but heels that are too narrow can cause bunions, calluses, corns, hammer toes, and even permanently reshape the bones in your feet.  Stress fractures, tendinitis, and pinched nerves are also a common side effect of wearing a heel with too high of a pump.  And if all that isn’t bad enough, wearing a poorly designed heel can result in an indefinite inability to fit into flats, as in those stylish shoes we wrote about in our previous blog.

    With that said, not all high heels are bad.  It may take some time, but if you put in the effort you can find a pair that not only look good but feel good as well.  Hunt for heels with a cozy fit that have lots of cushion.  Comfortable feet equal shoes that fit correctly.  While we may be a big proponent of coordinating your outfit with your shoes, we do not support matching the tightness of your dress with the tightness of your shoes.  Also, search for a small slope instead of a steep incline.  This will assist in alleviating unnecessary pain put on the balls of your feet.

    Start your hunt for the perfect fit of heels off right and check out the Classis Black Pump, Emma by Munro American.

  • How to Wear Flats in the Winter

    Flats are a sensible, yet sweet-as-pie pairing with cropped jeans, cotton capris, and sundresses during the summertime.  A classy cousin to the frumpy flip flop, flats make for a polished look no matter what the occasion. We have a great Pinterest Board that shows some great outfits:

    Winter, on the other hand, sends many flats into hibernation, stuffed in shoeboxes for safekeeping.  For who wants freezing feet when they can find shelter in a snug pair of boots?  But for you fashionistas, wearing boots everyday can become a bore; which is why it’s time you take those flats out for a spin this winter!  Check out these creative ways to wear flats while keeping those feet of yours cozy.

    1. Flats look fantastic matched with a pair of tights and tasteful skirt, the kind that stops an inch or two above the knee.  Match your bashful black flats with a pair of bold black tights for a mysterious monochrome look or play around with patterns placed discreetly on sheer tights.
    2. Feeling flirty?  Introduce your flats to a pair of trouser socks or knee socks.  Not to be confused with knee-high socks, these socks stop below the knees and paired with a skirt give an outfit a lustrous lady-like look.
    3. Get in touch with your wild side and wrap up those legs in layers for an artfully done-up look.  Mix and match a pair of trouser socks with a pair of complimentary colored tights and finish off with some foxy flats.
    4. Rumor has it that flats look not-so-fab with a long skirt, but the truth is the two go great together.  Just like wearing a pair of flats with dress pants, it’s all about the hem.  The length of a skirt or dress pants will make or break your look with flats so find a strong seamstress who knows your shape and style.

    All year round, every occasion, comfortable, cozy, and too coy to admit how cute they are, flats are the best purchase for your feet and for a girl with good taste!

  • Kicking up Your Heels During the Holidays

    Take a break from wine night with the girls at home because ladies night out in Portland is far overdue and it’s time you strap on those chic new Jays Wide Shoes and hit the dance floor!

    Fez Ballroom is the perfect place to flaunt flirty flats in the downtown district that serves the 21-and-over crowd while bewitching ankle boots go nicely with Barrel Room where you will dance to the dazzling sound of dueling pianos.  Lovely low-heels will demand lots of attention at Lola’s Room, where cozy chairs and tables are creatively intertwined with loud local rock bands while laced-up boots look great on the artsy dance floor at The Goodfoot Lounge.

    After a long night of fancy-free fun, strap on some comfortable Sky Blue sandals and check out Mimosa Nail Bar for a 60 minute Mimosa Spa Manicure and massage with mimosas for only $25, a 45 minute Margarita Manicure for $19, or a simple 30 minute manicure and massage for $13.  If you’re looking for something equally refreshing the morning after for you and the ladies, throw on some trendy trail blazing shoes and go on a trek through Forest Park or get cozy in some cute clogs on a trip to the local farmer’s market.

    Whatever you’re in the mood for, Jays Wide Shoes has a plethora of out of the ordinary options if you and your “girls just want to have fun”.

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