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4 Foot Exercises to Improve Your Balance

Thanks to an article by Real Simple, here are 4 Foot Exercises that will improve balance and strengthen your muscles.

1. Toe extensions: Stand up and point your toes down to the ground, hold for thirty seconds and repeat.

2. Toe grip: Put a piece of paper on the ground and pick it up with your toes, hold for 10 seconds, and repeat three times.

3. Calf stretch: Stand up and put your toes on a wall and your heel on the ground until you feel the arch stretch and repeat with other foot.

4. Raise your heels: Stand up and position yourself to be able to stand on your tippy toes for 10 seconds and repeat 10 times.

And here is one more exercise, just for ‘kicks’!

* Rolling the golf ball under each foot o Before you start your foot exercises freeze a golf ball for a couple of hours, then when finished with your exercises take it out and roll it along the bottom of your feet. It will massage the bottom of your feet and give you a nice cooling effect afterwards.

Every night before you go to bed, just do a little foot exercise and your feet will reward you with less pain throughout your day.

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