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Monthly Archives: July 2014

  • Things to do in and around Portland - August 2014

    Things to do in PortlandThis August offers some exciting and unconventional outings in and around Portland for those who are looking to do something new.  A Crawfish Crawl 5K, 10K, and ½ Marathon, environmentally-friendly outdoor music festival, battle with blood-thirsty zombies and Vegan Prom, to name a few.  So ditch the movies, pry your kids away from the TV , and explore all that Portland has to offer!

    1.  Come have a finger-licking good time at the 64th Tualatin Crawfish Festival (August 1-3), where the crawfish is prepared to perfection and served with just the right amount of spice.  Not only can you chow down by the Lake at the Commons while listening to live music, you have the chance to burn some of those calories by clawing your way to the finish line at the Crawfish Crawl 5K, 10K, and ½ Marathon.  Packed with a parade, dog show, watermelon eating contest, and kid zone, this weekend promises fun for the whole family, including pets!
    2. Reduce your carbon footprint and bicycle or bus over to Pickathon Music Festival (August 1-3) to support saving the environment.  Reduce, reuse, recycle and rock out to a home-grown lineup of bands.  This larger than (wild)life festival located in the great outdoors offers not only single-use dishware, utensils and cups, but also collects leftover items that can be composted or recycled.  Solar powered to save energy, this festival is the beginning of a go green lifestyle that future generations will thank you for.
    3. Lucky (or should we say unlucky) for us, The Zombie Run (August 2) is almost upon us.  Join in on the most outrageous obstacle course where you can participate as either a human battling brain craving zombies or a hungry zombie hunting hoards of humans.  A creative imitation of terrifying tag, this athletic atrocity promises a fun and fear-inducing time for a good cause.  All proceeds go to the Charity “Run For Their Lives” that support children suffering from brain injuries and disorders.
    4. Eat better, eat green at the 7th Annual Vegan Week (August 9-17) where eco-friendly animal lovers as well as those looking to learn about alternatives to eating meat unite.  For the curious chicken finger eater, workshops and speakers provide education about Veganism.  For the bacon lover seeking to understand what it means to forego all animal products, healthy Vegan-inspired meals are offered – and no, they don’t taste as bad as you think!  So get a mooo-ve on it and join in on the planet-friendly fun, which includes a Vegan Prom with music and environmentally-friendly costumes at the end of the week!

    But that’s not all!  Arts lovers are invited to several free concerts and movies held at various Portland Parks and Pioneer Courthouse Square.  World travelers are encouraged to take a trip to the Japanese Festival, African Food Festival, India Festival and Italian Festival.  And don’t forget the Oregon State Fair!

    For more events as well as details on the above events this August check out

  • Causes and Treatments for Calluses

    The purpose of calluses, those pesky hard white/grey/yellow areas on your feet, is to safeguard sensitive skin.  Despite their good intentions, calluses can become a daily dreaded disturbance.  They’re easy to identify when walking barefoot or in shoes due to the discomfort they provide, sometimes a simple annoyance and sometimes causing one to forego walking for a long period of time.  Calluses form when constant pressure or repetitive rubbing take place.  The skin dies and a wall forms to protect the area with the intent of preventing further damage.  Often caused by wearing shoes that don’t fit correctly, especially if not wearing socks, or walking barefoot, calluses can also be caused by pressure put on an athlete’s foot due to rigorous physical activity, flat feet or bone spurs.

    Treatments for calluses vary depending on the severity of the pain.  If the pain is minimal there are several ways to treat calluses at home.  Applying lotion to calluses or resting your feet in warm water can make the area soften and lessen the soreness.  Wearing socks and trying out shoe inserts to reduce friction on the calluses may help.  Similarly you may try applying soft pads on the sore areas to lessen friction and pressure.  Most importantly walking barefoot and wearing flip flops should be avoided at all costs until the calluses heal.   If the pain caused by the calluses is too much to bear, get your foot in the door to the doctor’s office immediately.  Doctors can assist with ridding the calluses of unnecessary skin, prescribe effective medication to treat the calluses or infection, or recommend surgery.

    If you’re looking to prevent calluses, here is some advice.  Choose shoes or boots that have the same size width as your feet so as to avoid unwanted friction and pressure….and wear socks with them!  Don’t be afraid of inserts.  They can save your feet a lot of unnecessary pain!  Just because the shoes look good, doesn’t mean they feel good.  If you’re thinking about buying one size smaller because they’re out of your size, think again.  Be patient.  You will find a pair that look just as good that will fit and prevent future pain.  Don’t buy used sneakers.  Because the sole is soft, if worn for a long time by the previous owner the sole has already molded to the previous owner’s foot arch.   I can’t stress enough how painful the consequences are.  So if you’re looking to be footloose and fancy free, follow the above advice and if you’re currently suffering from calluses put your best foot forward and treat them seriously.

  • Shoes to Wear This Summer

    Flip-flops may be functional but they’re no fun!  Summer is heating up and with it are some too hot to handle shoe trends.  So forget the summertime style blues and try out these lovely looks below!


    1. Believe it or not, Birkenstock-style sandals, such as the Grey Sansibar sandals by Finn Comfort, are back in style.  Paired with cute capris or a summery dress and shawl, they make for a great go-green, granola-friendly get up.

    2. Feeling flirty?  Wild wedges, such as the Nude Rose wedge by Wolky that pack a punch with a geometric design, are perfect for lengthening a pair of tan legs.  Whether wearing a pair of denim shorts during the day or flaunting your figure in a fitted knee-length dress at a dinner, wedges are sure to take your look to the next level.

    3. Sporty yet sweet, funky and colorful sneakers, such as the Running Grey/Green/Blue W980GY shoes by New Balance, are making a splash this summer.  Spotted on several celebrities wearing cropped jeans and even skirts, sassy sneakers are stepping out of the gym and onto the streets in style.
    4. Ankle-strap flats, such as the Greige Dimity sandal by Ziera, look darling and dainty with baby doll style dresses.  Comfortable as can be and ideal for casual walking, these are a must-have for the fun and flirty fashionista.

    5. The 1970s called and they want their chunky sandals back, but too bad because we love the look!  Have a blast from the past and boogie woogie in disco divalicious kicks, such as the Chocolate Sonnet sandals by Dansko.  A little junk in the trunk of your heel gives any outfit the right kind of retro feel.

    6. Add some glitz and glam to your get up with a pair of bedazzled sandals such as the White Prize sandals by Taos.  Fun and fashionable, glittery sandals give a basic jeans and T-shirt combo the perfect girly-girl touch.

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