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  • 2015 Spring Catalog

    Jays Wide Shoes Spring Catalog

  • How to Prevent Heel Pain

    Heel pain can interfere with your everyday life and should be addressed immediately so as to avoid further injury. Often times the pain is present under or at the back of the heel. There are two potential causes of this pain. Plantar fasciitis, also known as heel spur syndrome, is often diagnosed when pain is present under the heel while Achilles tendinitis is often diagnosed when pain is at the back of the heel. Sometimes, heel pain exists due to tendonitis, arthritis, fracture caused by stress, or simple neve irritation. Although typically not serious, heel pain can limit movement and be detrimental to your daily routine.
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  • January Events 2015

    Winter_Wonderland_by_midnightstouch copyIt’s a new year and this January is the perfect time to start anew by changing up that daily routine and trying some new and exciting things! This month Portland’s event scene provides plenty of reasons to get out of the house and join in on some fun with family and friends! For starters, there is discount museum day and on the first Sunday of January you can attend OMSI for only $2! For dog lovers there’s the Rose City Classic dog show and for chocolate connoisseurs there’s ChocolateFest. January is also packed with music festivals including jazz, folk and string-band. Check out the four more fabulous events below that will motivate you to get moving and make the most of your experience in Portland! Continue reading

  • Holiday Party Fashion Tips for Women

    Looking to catch Jack Frost's eye at your company's holiday party this year but not sure what wintery ensemble will increase your odds of stealing a kiss under the mistletoe with your Christmas crush? Check out the below festive fashion tips that will melt Frosty the Snowman’s heart and have him warming up to you this Yuletide!
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  • December Events 2014

    ‘Tis the season to celebrate the holidays in Portland, all of which are full of fun and Christmas cheer! Jack Frost may be nipping at your nose, but that’s no reason to stay inside and miss out on these exciting events! Portland has plenty to over this December including an after-hours ZooLights adventure, a cozy drive-thru Winter Wonderland light show, a wild ride on the Holiday Express and much, much more! So grab your family and friends and join in on festive fun!

    1. It’s the most wonderful time of the year when the brightest and best holiday light show, Winter Wonderland, is open to the public at Portland International Raceway! Get ready to bundle up and buckle up with your loved ones for a journey full of flurries and fun! With over 250 sparkling Christmas lights, Winter Wonderland promises a jolly good drive-thru time!
    2. Lions, tigers, bears and jingle bells, oh my! Come celebrate the Christmas season at ZooLights where millions of LED lights will be twinkling from the trees at this wonderful winter festival! While you may not be able to visit the Santa at the South Pole, you can swing by the polar bear exhibit and say hello to one of his furry friends! So grab the family and head out for some fantastic holiday fun!
    3. Don’t be a Scrooge and come celebrate Christmas cheer this year by attending A Christmas Carol at the Portland Playhouse! According to Charles Dickens, “There is nothing in the world so irresistibly contagious as laughter and good humor,” and A Christmas Carol promises to inspire both! So say, “Bah humbug,” to boring and make yourself some merry memories with family and friends!
    4. All aboard the Holiday Express! Come have snow much fun on this wintery one-hour train ride through the Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge! Keep your eyes open for Frosty the Snowman and Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer! You never know who or what you’ll see on this magical adventure!
    5. This year, go dashing through the snow to Santa’s House on the Bricks in Pioneer Courthouse Square to say hello to Santa and share a hint or two about what presents you hope to find under the tree Christmas morning! The weather outside may be frightful, but the fire is so delightful! While waiting in line, you and the family can stay cozy snacking on roasted chestnuts and almonds while sipping mugs of hot cocoa under the large rain cover provided.

    For more Christmas-themed events such as the Holiday Ale Festival, Holiday Bazaar, Santa Pub Crawl and Christmas Ship Parade, check out this helpful calendar full of holiday events here!

  • Cold Weather Shoe Trends

    ‘Tis the season to start wearing some stylish winter shoes, the ones you’ve been waiting all year to pair with those sweet sweaters and fabulous jackets you’ve been dying to make an appearance in! Check out some new toasty trends that will keep your feet from freezing and some cozy classics making a comeback!

    1. Embrace your inner princess and strut your stuff in a pair of ornate high heels because glam and glitz is a girl’s best friend this winter! Whether they’re jeweled, beaded or glittery, as long as your high heels are glamorous they are going to look great! Remember, beauty shouldn’t be painful so make sure to pay attention to how those high heels fit before purchasing them if you want to avoid aches and pains! Check out some tips here.
    1. In a previous blog we mentioned that funky and chunky heels were a hot commodity this summer. Guess what? They’re still hot despite the cold weather! So grab a pair of boots with chunky heels this winter and show off your legs while keeping your toes cozy. Check out a comfortable and cute way to wear them here with a pair of comfortable socks and warm leggings.
    1. Fun and feminine flats were a staple for stylish winter outfits last year and thankfully they still are this year! They go great with any look whether worn with a pair of tights and flirty dress on the weekend or with a beautiful business suit during the week. Check out some of our favorite pairs available at Jays Wide Shoes, the Taupe RevChi Snake by Cobb Hill and the Black Candra Gleam by Clarks. For ideas on what to wear a pair with in the winter, check out some helpful tips here.


    1. Boots and booties with buckles are all the rage this winter and we’re loving the edgy feel they give cold-weather outfits! Worn with a pair of comfortable leggings or dressed up with a nice pair of jeans, buckles go good with every outfit. Check out some of our favorite pairs available at Jays Wide Shoes, the Black Rowan by Mark Lemp and Black Clarity Wide Shaft by Mark Lemp.


    1. Ultra masculine boots and ultra feminine boots are much adored this winter. If you like mixing up your style, try an extreme makeover by wearing a pair of bad boy Black Candice boots by Dansko offered at Jays Wide Shoes one day and a pair of thigh-high boots with some girly accessories the next day!


  • Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Running Shoes

    Many people shrug off the signs that it’s time to replace their running shoes despite it being of upmost importance to their foot health. If worn too long and not replaced in a timely fashion, runners, walkers and gym-goers alike will start to feel the painful effects. In order to avoid damaging your feet check out these helpful tips below that will help you recognize the signs that indicate when it’s time to replace your running shoes.

    1. The average running shoes utilize foam to absorb impact therefore it’s important to pay attention to when the foam begin to wear out. The simplest way to assess whether the foam is wearing out is to do two different types of press tests. The first test requires that you press your thumb on the midsole in the center of your shoe. If when pressing the midsole does not feel soft then it is time to replace your running shoes. The second test requires that you press on the sole of your shoe with one hand while simultaneously pressing on the midsole of your shoe with your other hand. If when pressing together the sole and midsole of your shoe you you’re your fingers then it is time to replace your running shoes.
    2. Running shoes should be replaced after being worn for 300 to 500 miles (depending on the model of the shoe), which is why it’s important to keep track of the time you spend in your running shoes. For example, if you were to walk/run in a pair of running shoes 3-miles for seven days a week you would need to replace your running shoes within four to six months (depending on the model of the shoe).
    3. A few months ago we posted a blog about the danger of wearing shoes with little support or thin soles. We can’t stress enough how important it is to not ignore the pain in your feet. If your feet begin to hurt then it’s time to replace your running shoes, and if necessary pay a visit to the doctor. It’s also important when buying/replacing running shoes to get the proper fit so as to avoid unnecessary pain! Check out some tips here.

    We won’t lie. Running shoes can be expensive and learning that you need to replace them once or twice a year isn’t the best news to be received. With that said, it’s worth your money and here are some easy tips on how to make each pair last longer.

    1. Never wear the same pair of running shoes twice in a row. Rotate them!
    2. Don’t leave your running shoes laced and squeeze your feet out. Sit down, unlace your shoes and remove them slowly and comfortably.
    3. Running shoes are made for exercise. Use them for just that! If you enjoy wearing a pair to give your outfit a sporty feel then set that pair aside for walking only.

    Looking to replace your running shoes soon? Check out our selection of comfortable New Balance running shoes for men and women. New Balance is a brand we love and recommend if looking for the perfect running shoe!


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